About Us

Swag Custom Rides is the first and only Automotive Custom Restoration Non-Profit Shop in America. Swag restores, customizes and fabricates vehicles with two missions in mind – restoring vehicles while transforming lives.

With a team of leading industry professionals, Swag provides job training, education and life skills for troubled individuals recovering from life-controlling problems.

Something happens when an individual has the opportunity to transform a rusted and discarded vehicle into a one-of-a-kind, show quality custom ride. We combine intensive hands-on guidance and mentorship from a team of passionate builders to offer these men a priceless opportunity. They are given a chance to see their own lives lifted out of the discouragement and heavy toll of their negative experiences.

Each resto-mod benefits our guys, their families and their communities.

By having a part in something positive and productive, these men once again find pride in who they are. They can be restored and eventually transformed into an invaluable social resource.

As a business, Swag builds vehicles for clients, corporations and charities. We also create marketing and branding strategies and produce custom memorabilia and apparel. All the key parts of our multi-faced branding services for local and national impact.